When will I ever hear those words?
Saturday, October 3, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

GD! Im gonna rewatch his performances. :D
OMFG! Jaejin looks so cute!

Kim Bum. He was the first trending topic in Twitter. GOD.
SHINee and Kim So Eun!

There's not much news on SS501 lately. =( Big Bang neither. =( I feel so dead.

MU match coming right up. :D

On Sunday night, I had insomnia. I FLIPPIN HATE INSOMNIA. I have absolutely nothing to do! I was too tired to study. Yet I cant sleep. I cant come online coz Mum kept the wireless already and there's no football matches on. And I was extremely hungry WITH NOTHING TO EAT. Damn. Ugh. Whatever. I slept at 5am. Diu.

And this random guy who I cant delete from my friends' list in Facebook is talking nonsense to me now with extremely broken English and worst spelling ever. Blah.

Tuesday. Pushpinder killed a bird and she was flippin hilarious. She felt so guilty and we made her feel worse. Lol. Gossip Girl was as usual la, dramatic shit. It was bout the short Cyrus Rose guy. I just don understand why is Serena so easily convinced. That stupid Aaron Rose guy is EVIL.

On Wednesday. I remember it rained. =/ It was cold. Mr Wong's poor plant was dead. WITHOUT A SINGLE LEAF. He would cry I tell you. The stalk is thinner than the wood they used to starighten it. Lol. And I had only 1 accumulated homework then. Now I have 3. =( Miss Loh was hilarious. She wanted to finish Chapter 9 in 40 mins on Friday. As usual, didn't work out. Lol. So she decided to borrow some other periods of our Moral teacher. And Accounts too. Haha. We had our Physics during Moral in Computer Room. Woots. Air cond, lights and far-away-from-her seats. ♥ It felt like a fast day. :D

Well. Thursday, we made Pn Lim bring us to Computer Room again. Woots. We were lining up outside Physics Lab. Then Pn Lim finally arrived.
"Teacher, can we go Computer Lab?"
"Let's go!" ( we said this)
Everyone turned and walked off, leaving her stunned. Lol. Wei Ching and me had a CHINESE convo on her book. Lol. Tuition, womb+man=woman! HAHAHAHAHA.

On Friday, Pn Lim decided to dismiss us a period earlier. WE SO LOVE HER THAT DAY. Lol. LC Tan asked us to promote him. Again. NO FLIPPIN WAY.

Today. Sandra and me went for Dental Appointment. I put on turquoise. =) Sandra's is purple and black. Then went Kopitiam for lunch. Those waiter and waitresses damn slow wei. The young guy who's writing down our orders stood in front of our table for so long we thought he was writing an essay. LOL. WTF man. In BM tuition just now,
Girl's Friend: *In chinese, pointing to Girl* She thinks you're pretty.
Me: *0.0* (I was so stunned. WTF? Where got people say these stuff one?)
Girl's Friend: *Probably thinks I cant und Chinese so she translated into English*
Me: * To Girl in Chinese* I can und la.
Girl: * In Chinese* Oh. Coz you were speaking to your friend in English ma.
Me: *In Chinese* I was from AMC last time la.
Lol. That was so FLIPPIN WEIRD. Ugh. Ugh. Whatever la. Tsk.

Anyways ate pizzas when I reached home. We played cards just now. Then we felt guilty for not remembering Mooncake Festival and for not celebrating at all, we went downstairs and ate jelly mooncakes! :D

Happy Belated Mooncake Festival. LOL.

Anyways, MU match starting ady. I gotta go. Ciaoz.

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