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Sunday, October 4, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Aww, baby. =(


Chuseok special. Hees.

She jumped out of bed. Grabbed her cute rabbit alarm clock and gasped. The hands were showing: 11.00am. The flippin alarm clock flippin didn't ring or did I off it?! She was supposed to have tuition at 11. FHL. She slammed the stupid clock down and swore non stop until she reached her bedroom door. Her maid then told her that her friend was already outside to fetch. She almost pulled out all her hair. She almost was NEVER really late to her tuitions.

Yeah. Thats me. FML. So I was late. 'Nuff said.

Im progressing in my Chemistry. Woots. :D

BUT. MANU-SUNDERLAND 2-2. =( Better than them losing. Sigh.

School tomorrow. PMR nearing. Our finals nearing. SIGH. Im so doomed.

Anyeong. ♥

Ps: I just ate my mum's AWESOME buttercake. Its so awesome! I normally hate buttercakes. Lol. She used Milo instead of Chocolate. FUNNY.

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