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SS501’s Kim HyunJoong has been chosen for the 1st place in the Male Actor category for Seoul Drama Awards. Kim HyunJoong won the greatest number of votes from netizen and will take his winning on the Total Best Male Actor from the total votes from Korea, Japan and Overseas category, at ‘Seoul Drama Awards 2009’ to be held on 11-Sep at Seoul Bangee-dong Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall.

Kim HyunJoong received a lot of popularity through the role of F4 Yoon JiHoo in KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’ which is also named the best drama in this award.

Everyone's stealing WaiLynn's Hyun Joong.

I went for Rangers. We were late. Again. Im so sick of this. Su made us do Pumping which is not the actual Pumping coz Pumping actually means Push-Ups. Whatever. 15 times. Yay. I'll have strong legs soon. Then they took attendance and Keluar Baris. They Masuk Baris just for the sake of Keluar-ing Baris. We went back to the classroom and talked bout the tests and trip. Yeah. That's how eventful our Rangers meeting was. THEN. I went canteen to find PeiQi. And went to PR and helped her paint the mask thing AND helped them make the Coffee Paper for Grad Night UNDER THE FREAKINGHOTBURNINGHOTDAMNED SUN. I wasn't even involved. So anyways. We went opposite to buy some drinks too. The damned Peach flavour made me feel nauseatic. When we were crossing, some car honked at me. I was freaking on the damned Zebra-Crossing. AIN'T THE DAMNED THING WAS FOR YOU TO CROSS THE ROAD AND FOR THE CARS TO STOP SPECIALLY FOR YOU? If they wont stop and they even honked at you, take off the zebra-crossing and those biatch/male-biatch deserves to die and GO TO HELL. Blah. Like I care.

I have tuition afterwards.

At Chem tuition last night, Sandra and me were miserably miserable. Last week we went for the Wed class which is going faster than our Friday class. So. Yesterday, he repeated again whatever we learnt on Wed. Dammit. So we were bored. She texted me. And I actually replied.

Hello. Im bored.
Let's sleep.
*Yawns**Takes my paper and whacks your head*

LOL. And LC Tan kept touching her. He even wrote on a table to teach the girls and it can actually be rubbed off. WTH. One weird teacher. Yay. I love Bianca. ;)

I love Malaysia. I said this randomly to Jing during Physics yesterday in school. She was like shocked with the eyes so wide open. Lol. I love Malaysia because of the so many races and so many celebrations and the so many holidays. More to come!

Lol. Shirts for phone? Tsk. I don buy VULGAR shirts.

Hyun Joong's best wife.

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