Its happiness.
Monday, September 21, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Woke up by someone screaming that there's a monkey somewhere. Woke up. Practised piano. For an hour. *beams proudly* Went and bought DVDs. Aunts and Uncle came. Watched 17 Again. Thinks Zac Efron looks hot in that movie. Got ready for dinner. Went to some seafood restaurant in Bercham but TOO DAMN CROWDED, like seriously. Then went Koh Samui. Waited for another hour for the food. Finished He Loves Lucy. Knew Rooney scored at 2nd minute. Then 1 all. Got home. Switched home TV. MU-Man City 4-3. WOOTS. Rooney, Barry, Fletcher, Bellamy, Fletcher, Bellamy, OWEN! Chelsea-Tottenham, currently 3-nil. YAY. Some Spurs guy's got injured like crap. Therefore, 8 mins of injury time. Now. Going to watch Real Madrid's game.

That pretty sums up my whole day. Oops. My whole BORING day.

Its all SMILES today. =) With all the wins. And stuffs. And Him. Woots. How hot can a blonde korean be, you'd think. JUST LOOK BELOW, MY DEAR BLIND READERS.

Yeap. Im off then. Till tomorrow. Im having on my MU shirt. Hope that it'll help Real Madrid too. In a way. Lol. I have weird thinkings. BLEHH.

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