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Monday, September 7, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Its in a random order. Actually, there isn't ANY order. I just wanted to spam my blog with all the hot korean pretty boys along with FT Island as I promised yesterday.

Yunho. HAHA. *Giggles* Btw, he looks great in ANY hairstyles.


SS501. <3>Kyuhyun.

Key. BWAHAHAHAH.*points down* GOD. THAT FACE. dsfhicfbwerofnreiw.

YOUNG SAENG. I couldnt resist okay? =) Just look at THAT face.
Hee Chul.

Jong Hun.
The ex Jae Jin look. So Yamada-Ryosuke-ish.

LOL. What a picture.
SEUNG HYUNNNNNN. I seriously find him VERY cute.
Min Hwan.
Before Jae Jin.
After Jae Jin. DORK.

OKAY. THATS ALL. These are the people I recently found out. =)

I'll spam my blog on C-Pop next week. Haha. IF I can resist inserting Koreans in. HAHA. We'll see. Till next week.


Ps: I just find that picture of Kim Bum extremely mesmerizing disturbing. HAHA. Im very happy now. HAHAHAHA.

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