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Sunday, February 8, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

it was so freakin hard to control myself because. its so hard to control myself.

it was so horrible. i was late. and im glad im late. that freakin lifesize doraemon ping pong machine tortured us, or maybe only me. i was so tired. i couldnt breathe because i was exhausted. hah. my stamina is bad, lemme warn you first. i hate my stamina. anyway, the point is, i was so tired i kept thinking bout sitting down and rest. then, after that torture session, played with the rest. he's so yeng that its unfair. unfair. and his smile is not doraemon-ish. its better than that doraemon smile. definitely better. and his small small actions were so funny i cant stop smiling.

it goes like this.
*smile spreading*
*immediately coughs to stop smiling*
and that repeated so many times i got sick of coughing. ITS ANNOYING. *smiles*

and his ruffled and untidy hair. omg. let me drop this topic. again.

i've been warned to not write too much. and so. i played with doraemon and i stopped because he flirted. with that flirting girl. and i was disgusted. and so i stopped. he kept saying sorry to me but saying YES (with that smile on his face) to that girl and the girl making that PEACE sign whenever she wins. im pissed all over again. blahhh. TOLD YOU YOU WONT WANNA KNOW.

idonlikebeingthereandexhaustmyselfoutbutitssofunandtiringimlovingitmore. andmore.

The tears of my heart blurred my vision. because i finally understand that what you see is never what you get.

you don
do you?

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