so not satisfied.
Saturday, February 7, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

gonna sleep soon because my mum asked,' you have a lot of free time is it?' and answer is no, so yeah. and because im going for training tomoro.

and i've just realised once again that im a very last minute person. im doomed.

and my theory sucks. and my studies suck even more. but im gonna have these 2 exams in March. ain't i dead?

sighs. i feel so much dumber. I WANNA HAVE PMR ALL OVER AGAIN. i mean, its so fun compared to all these. blah.

and my dad wants me to take extra subjects because he thinks im as smart as him. but im afraid i cant cope. actually i wanna take Econs. but its Mr Wong teaching! impossible. wanted to take English Lit. but its Helena teaching. its completely hell. and EST is completely outta the point. so not taking. since i already have Chinese, why stress myself so much? maybe i'll think about Econs. JUST MAYBE.

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