Monday, February 9, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

i'll keep this one short coz i have to sleep coz i have tuition later. an one-hour-chinese tuition.

had the Bm tuition as replacement thing. at 10. and was late. hah. you don have to know exactly why. not important. and TIMMY IS SO CUTE. omg. his super big eyes. and dark skin. ohmy. =)

had Theory lesson after that. and i merely passed my Theory trials. tsk. told you im gonna fail. just that i didnt fail. just passed slightly. im so depressed now.

and yeah. its school tomoro. *SOBS* i have loads of school work. PLUS tuition work. omigod. add maths! still not done. i gotta run.

good night. till next week. =]

no one i know
would actually
love me as i am.

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