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this is random. haha.
random again. i have this workstation but too lazy. sighs.
umm. everyone's singing this old horrible song. and doing this action. god. and wearing these kinda clothes. dress up party? *shakes head*
Secret recipe. =)
this kid is so adorable. he was playing clap hands with my bro. hahaha.
and laughs like this after clapping. lawll.
cute cute.
DRESS UP PARTY. WOOHOO. tskk. horrible.
this is the 3rd normal dressing after my bro and his sam tet senior. HAHA. imagine the abnormal dressings.
this is one of the worst. plus, i hate this girl.
bunch of weirdos. joining singing competition wearing horrible shit clothes. its too over isn't it? *jaw dropping*
the guy. wearing some prince outfit. halloween party?
see the red chinese thing? and the ugly pink and neon green korean outfit? GOSHHH. i cant stop staring at these ppl.
pity that kid. their mums are horrible humans letting their kids wear sucha thing .
for god's sake.
OMGOMGOMG. so over. they find something then they put it on. so this is how it turns out.
wth is she trying to be? WITH the thing on her head? but its not unusual. everyone has a thing on their heads.
casual compared to them eh? my bro. =]
someone,i forgot who, woke me up at 7 something. bad time to wake up. tsk. anyway, went to Bukit Kinding for the singing comp. one word: badly organized. okay. there's 2 words. im too lazy to elaborate. perhaps you can go see my sis's blog? lawl. Maylynn.
it was real tiring. i slept. i read. i spaced out. boring. and the mic. a lil too loud. they sing like pontianak. ooh. BANSHEE? hahaha. we were like closing our ears. and yeah. im lazy again. just go see my sis's blog laaa. (:
we will be going Hong Kong on monday. but im always too lazy to pack. sheesh.
oh. and i don feel like going training tomoro. i wanted to since i heard there's the MSSD comp in JANUARY! gosh. freaky. but i'll be having muscle aches when im in Hong Kong then. baddie. and in case you dunno why i'll be having muscle aches, because i havent moved during the hols. im sucha lazy ass. i hate myself. =( and i hope that chicken just let us go. i mean, just let us be the helpers IF SERIOUSLY we're hosting again. *grins* but if not, i still don wanna compete laa. wasting time only. SIGHS.
i cant finish Hana Yori Dango Final before i head off to HK. sigh. and seriously, how can Lee Dong Wook be so handsome AND cute AND adorable?? is that even possible? *squeals* lawl.
sighs. i'll sign off then. i miss kl! (: he's so adorable.

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