Sunday, December 14, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

cause im afraid i wont be online later. but i might. tsk. i might not coz i'll be busy packing.

and i've proudly FINISHED My Girl. for the erm, 4th time. =)

and i forgotten to watch The Clue Collector Episode 6 yesterday. sheesh. i'll watch it now.

ciaoz. (:


i ate 6 freaking slices of bread for my late brunch. tsk. and had to stuff myself with the char siew rice. =( if i don eat, my parents will definitely scold me for not eating properly. because im usually full and don really eat much. sighss. i've promised myself to NOT go above 44kg. =] i cant afford to go more than that. wish me luck heh? lawl. (:



went and bought long black socks in Tesco. lawl. coz it'll be freezing cold. sighs.

and.. guess my blog will stay dead for the next week. =) till then. BUHBYEEEEE. have to wake up at 4am. tsk. byebyeee.

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