Friday, December 12, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

yeah well. another day. pfft. anyway, went for a movie. Bolt. it was kinda boring at first. but after that was interesting. Bolt is so freaking adorable! =) when Mittens taught him how to beg for food. kawaii.

Mittens intructs him and he followed exactly.
"drop your left ear."
"no. the other left ear." lawl.
"wait. no. drop both ears."
"slant your head to one side."
"no. the other side."
"your eyes look up."


we had the orange mcflurry before our movie. sour is the word. the milo one was nicer. hmph. then went Popular to look at Chinese books. too bad my mum doesnt allow me to buy. apparently i read too much. got sucha thing?

came out from the cinema and went to meet up with my mum. then we went supermarket to buy Sushi and lotsa sweets and chocolates. wheee. awesome. its for the Hong Kong trip. (: cant wait.

saw you shocked and made me shocked.

i wanted to buy an album initially but lol, my mum sure don let. so so sad.

i don wanna let you know, but i've seen it. and knew bout it.


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