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know what? i was actually excited coz there's add maths this morning. lol. guess im getting weird.

so yeah.. went for add maths this morning. had a hard time waking up. gosh. Kai and me were like sooo sleepy. and its so hard for our eyes to remain open. haha. coz PeiQi and Sandra mmg wake up very early wan. i slept at 2.30 yesterday though i attempted to sleep at 12. lawl. whereas Kai slept at 4.30. SWT. and the teacher is funny AND scary again. its actually possible to be both at the same time, ya know? =p

Kai called me late last night. and i even got shoo-ed out of the room coz apparently i was making too much noise and my sis cant sleep. tskk. the convo started with me asking her some add maths question. look, i was revising coz i scared i will get scolded by our dunno-whats-her-name teacher. hahahaha. then talked bout our schedules for next year. there are too many tuitions and activities but too little time. so were trying to figure out how to arrange all our sports practises with our tuitions. then how to arrange our school clubs with tuitions. oh. and we have PESTA RIA this year as well. goddammit. then we talked bout freaking out for results. haha. then talk bout getting what kinda phones if we get good results. THEN we'd feel guilty and change the topic back to results. then it'll go to going to celebrate if got good results. haha. then i said even if not good also needa go celebrate coz later too depressed then how right? haha. then she gave an idea. if good, we go la. if bad also we go. but not go celebrate. go to Syuen's roof. and jump. LAWL. you laugh i laugh, you cry i cry. you jump i laugh. LOLOLOL

WORST IS, OUR DAMNED RESULTS ARE GONNA BE OUT TOMO-FREAKING-RO. GAHHHH. ITS GONNA BE SOOO HORRIBLE. GOD. PLEASE LET ME GET ALL STRAIGHT As. OOHHH PLEASE.. i desperately need those As. or my parents will be darn disappointed. I will be the most disappointed of all. blahhhh.IDonWannaDie.

and i was so sad our teacher didnt give us any homework. damndamn. if got, then i'll have something to keep my mind occupied. now? GODDDDD. IBelieveYou,God.

andandand.. i'll be going out for dinner. surely eating Pizza coz my sis's NIE pizza coupon is only valid till the end of this year. which is umm. day after.

ohh. Fahrenheit gonna release their new album. and this is their first song and MV. =]

gonna have my lunch. TomYam. yummm. =)
P.S: i hate tomoro. practically dreading. ughh.

no one else that i'd rather have.

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