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i was watching Titanic. it was on Tv again and i still find it very sad. =( its like, everyone go aboard happily. yet more than half died. in the sea. they were frozen to death. sad tragedy weiyh. besides, the romance in the movie also very nice. its so saddening when Jack died and Rose pushed him into the sea. SIGHSSS. btw, Leonardo DiCaprio is so freaking yeng.

and i remember when i was little, the first time i ever went to the cinema was to watch Titanic. lol. i forgotten bout this but apparently, i fell asleep. HAHAHAHA. stupid me. its like, so nice with that My Heart Will Go On song. yet, i fell asleep. tskk. and i seriously pity him in the movie. he just died. like that. frozen. lol. i shud stop talking now. =)

messy? no? lawl.
oh wells. i asked my aunt to wake us up coz we wanna jog with them. but apparently, we couldnt wake up. HAHAHAHA. i slept abso like a log. while at least my sis stirred. haha. we ended up waking up at around 12. sadd.
P.S.: sorry for the ugly chinese writing. hadnt write any since PMR ended. lawl. and i wrote it in sucha hurry. =p


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