Monday, December 29, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

Im so bored. so i just randomly searched thru MySoju. and realised they sgt late baru put up The Clue Collector lah. yor. i finished watching it in YouTube and about 3 days later only MySoju put it up. x_________________x

oh. and when i was searching i saw that they added a new Japanese Drama: Detective Conan. WHEEEE. i loved Conan. but GUESS WHO'S ACTING AS CONAN?? i bet you knew. its Oguri Shun. dammit. LAWL. i like him lahh. very cool weiyhhh. and i liked him more than the main lead in Han Yori Dango. =))))) watch it lah. this drama just started. i mean, its like, a drama 3 years ago. but. gah. who cares? i didnt watch this last time. =D


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