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*jumping around coz of ZERO*

LOL. Vampire Knight is just so awesome. =] something like Vampire Diaries. wheee~ ZERO. he's so darn cool. much cooler than Kaname. hmph. oh yea. for Vampire Diaries, there's the different series. The Secret Circle. i have the first book. don think the 2nd one is out yet. ):

i had guitar class yesterday. i can figure out most of the movable chords ady. x]] IM SO SMART! *mind me* his face is so big. tsk. always makes me laugh. badbaddie.

suddenly i heard someone banging on my room door this morning saying:"wailynn, wake up! miss wong here. who gonna start lesson first?" dammit. i shouted back:"maymay!" and couldnt sleep back. damn her. so selfish laaaa. sheeshhh. im like so sleepy. though sleeping at 11 something is something i enjoy alot. =]

we talked thru my lesson. swt. x____x she sure knows how to waste time. tsk. anyway, my Alligator Crawl is okay i think. its like she said:" play your Alligator Crawl. the seperate hands part." i opened the book and stare at it. she looked and said:" huh? not seperate hands meh? so fast both hands ady?" LOL. she always gives overload homeworks. tsk. sometimes she'll also be shocked when she know how much work she gave. HAHAHA. umm. my Sonata in B major is still in the process. lol. badbad. Rondo. TSK. better i think. x]

watched Vampire Knight after my lesson. and slept awhile on the easy chair. i like that chair. so comfy. (: ZEROZEROZEROZERO.

MY TEACHER IS GONNA BUY ME MISS NO GOOD and ILJIMAE.[the junki's show] wheeeee!i scared i no time to read only. sighsssss.

Final Destination 3 was on tv last night. hahaha. my parents were watching it. and they were like:" what kinda show is this? so violent." LOL. that was when people had their attacks at the funfair. actually i think its nice. =] though very very violent. very scary laaa. when she actually has the view. where you can see what's gonna happen to you. goodnessssss. the roller coaster. tsk. SO SCARY. lol. i only watched the beginning part and the ending part. lol. was practising piano for the rest of the time. x]

i realised my posts are getting shorter. i think i shall let it stay short. =] i dunno why but im just lazy to elaborate on things. (: toodles.

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