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yay!! I FOUND IT AT MEGA VIDEO! and its loading super fast. Mega Video is not that useless after all. wheee. (:

i decided not to edit today's post since i think its too long already.

i continued watching Vampire Knight. and the evil girl appeared. sheeshh. using the name Kurenai Maria. she's actually Houi Shizuka. lol. i forgotten how to spell the Houi. doesnt matter. she's plain evil. ugh. pure-blooded vampires' queen? damnher. no wayyy! lol. why am i getting so pissed here? and i seriously wanna watch Miss No Good la. sighs.

then i followed my mum to Tesco after sending my bro for his tennis lesson. bought FOOD FOOD AND MORE FOOD! wheee~ wait. this is not a good thing. then i'll be eating 24/7! goodnesssssss. my diet will be pointless then. dammit. bought drinks. junk food. daily cooking stuff. and those daily stuff. bought Roti Boy. AWESOME SHIT! goshh. smells great. tastes even better. jealous, no? (:

went to Pretty Pets to get dog food for my dogs. tsk. they were actually FIGHTING for food. pity my golden retriever. bullied by my mix breed. LOLS. the mix breed loves eating. but luckily wont grow too fat. x__x

then as promised, went to Yen shoeshop. bought sneakers. didnt take pictures laa. that would be lame. anyway, its white. with black stuff on it. it was actually with white laces. they gave another black one. so i just put it on. and now my shoelaces are black and white. looks better. =) and i love it.

while i was putting on the laces, i received a msg. didnt bother checking it. then when i received a 2nd msg, i checked it. and saw first msg:" wai! where are you? come ady?" 2nd msg:"EEEI!" LOL. suddenly i was gasping there. i actually having my Sejarah tuition. but i totally forgotten about it. dammit again. i saw the time in my phone:5.29. tuition is 5.30. LOLS. im like so dead. just quickly screamed to my mum that i have tuition. went upstairs to grab my stuff and ran back down. and wore my new sneakers. HAHAHA. its been awhile. which is umm, 4 or 5 years since i've been late to tuition. *shakes head*

so just came back and had my dinner. watching Hana Yori Dango. seriously i couldnt find it anywhere on so so many websites i went to. tsk. so i ended up watching it on Hana Yori Dango Fansite. TSKK. what nonsense laaa. Youtube had been TOTALLY useless. MySoju.*angry face* Crunchyroll. Mega Video. Daily Motion. D-addicts. and SO MANY MORE. useless sites!


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