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why does everyone has to look down at me? especially my own damned sister who's no longer my sister. officially i disown her if i actually can do that, i would. ugh. who cares? i'll still disown her. devil girl. doesnt even fit to be a human. thats how evil she is. exactly the same behaviour. forever that arrogant but keep saying that she's very VERY rendah diri. lols. cant imagine how someone THAT arrogant can say that. and she's damn calculative. gosh. you can never imagine how calculative she can be. everytime she'll say, LAST TIME I HELP YOU BLAH BLAH BLAH, BUT NOW YOU DON WANNA HELP ME. yes, she ALWAYS does that. forgod'ssake. forever remembering whatever she helped me before. whereas me, everytime i wanna fight back, i just cant remember what i helped her before. but i know i ALWAYS help her. at least this proves that im not as calculative as her. GOSHHH. AND BTW, I DID HER LAYOUT. I WILL DESTROY IT. WATCH ME. AND SHE'S NOT WORTH THIS WHOLE PASSAGE OF THING. WASTING MY TIME AND BLOG SPACE. TSK. EVEN A DOG IS MORE WORTH IT THAN HER. DUHH. OF COZ. btw, she's forever this quiet shy girl[vomits], but you shud see her at home. goshh. you wouldnt even dream of saying that she's cute! goodness. the more i write this, the more i feel like vomiting. my mum always say not to tell ppl bad stuff about my family members. but. i think the world deserves to know what kind of person my disowned-sister is. for sure, she'll write bad stuff bout me at her blog too. sucha copycat. tsk. sad life she leads. forever copying me.

and im still trying to search for site to watch Hana Yori damn Dango. ughh.


dammit! why is every other episode fine except EPISODE 3? sheeesssshhhh.

now im like hunting on every video site there is. TSKK. bloody hell. ugh..

now im searching thru all sites there is.

damn damn. i have no mood to blog now. maybe later. ciaoz.

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