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andand. happy birthday shortie.
maybe i'll let the pictures do half the talking. =]
pictures in Macau for 3 days.
The Venetian Hotel is so freaking huge. GIGANTIC. like, seriously. its so beautiful. its the world 2nd largest hotel. =) and in the hotel, it can be considered as a small city. there's so many shops. and so many rooms. with north, south, east and west lobby and suites.
the bottom level of our suite. the living hall. lol.
the bathroom. the mirror is darn huge. and this is only one of the mirrors in the bathroom. haha. and even the toilet is separated by a door. nice door.
the view of Macau. oh and for some reason, Macau is colder than Hong Kong. and i hate the ferry.
the beds. =)
the building next to the swimming pool.
swimming pool.
another swimming pool.

its so italianish. nice aite?
imagine that. food court in a hotel. awesome.
oh, and thats a fake sky. ITS SO PRETTY. when you walk there, you'll feel like you're walking outside. not inside some building. and its forever a nice weather. =) the look at the buildings. so italianish. LOL. i don und. Macau is conquered by Portuguese. why does these italian architecture end up here, i don know.
STEFAN STEFAN STEFAN OH STEFAN. LOLS. we sat this gondola thingo. and there'll be italian boaters[the rowers]. and we specially requested HIM to row our boat. LOL. thats because he's so darn cute! =) really. and he's a real italian from Rome. andand. HE SANG FOR US. 2 songs. incredible voice he've got there. really nice. okay. i shall stop talking bout him. =) ps: there's a freaking canal in the hotel. lol. awesome shit.
the canal. in the hotel. seriously? yes.
*jabs at the screen* HIMHIMHIMMMMMM! =)
the ceiling. amazing yeah? those drawings. rome-ish. right above the casino in the hotel.
the amazing christmas tree. beautiful.
this person is real. but he really didnt move for a very long time. we even made frens with another one. lawl. and there's another one who opens his eyes BUT NEVER BLINKED for like ten minutes. or maybe even longer. is that possible?
Cafe Deco. breakfast. its so pretty. i mean, the whole place. the ppl are darn efficient compared to our Malaysia as-slow-as-possible lifestyle.
the way to the west lobby. at that time, we stayed for 2 days ady. but we still haven seen the main lobby. lawl. the main lobby is.. one word: WOW!
the Kuan Yin in Macau.
dad and buildings.
its was seriously darn windy and chilly whenever you stand near the sea. lawl. it was fun.
a famous temple in Macau. i prayed to get 8As. =] i went to so many temples and prayed. so must really get all As. =/
the spotless road.

why do i look extra weird here? nevermind.
lawl. BABYLON. form 4 history. haha. yep. a casino right there but we cant go in. wth.
the ruins of the umm, St Paul church i think. very beautiful. there's like carvings everywhere. and sorry the picture is in this way.
a church. and its darn pretty. grandgrand.
main lobby. =) VERY PRETTY AITE? goshhh.
Pictures in Hong Kong for 4 days.
Angelina Jolie and awesome Brad Pitt in the wax museum. they're sooooo real.
i didnt recognise him at first. but when my mum told me, i was practically squealing there. OHMYGOSHHHHH. JAYCHOUJAYCHOUJAYCHOU IN HIS CONCERT OUTFIT! SO FREAKING YENG! *faints* i was soooo happy.
Leo Ku! so yeng laaaa.
Aaron Kwok. =)
lawl. the royal family.
Andy Lau with heartbeat. so scary.
little Mozart. (:
Beckham! hahahaa. ohhoh. we saw Yao Ming. and cant take any picture coz.... he's too tall. -.-"
Twins. pretty pretty.
at the Avenuel of Stars.
the open top bus. it was really chilly. very cold. but very fun laaaaa. i love the wind. especially thats the 2nd level. =))
the Hong Kong street.
An An. the panda!! the cuteeeeee.
the cable car to the top of Ocean Park. i always see it in the Hong Kong dramas. i cant believe i went there. lols.
the DOLPHINS. so smart.
Seals. awesome.
sis. bro. ferris wheel. =)
me. ferris wheel.
our Hong Kong hotel. The Kimberley Hotel. HAHAHAHA. its so tiny compared to The Venetian.
the top view. while sitting that tower thingo.
Dai Yu San. the Buddha. i always see it in the HK dramas. =]
the temple. yep. i prayed the same thing again. im dreading our Doom's Day.
the cable car to Dai Yu San.
our picture with STEFAN in a keychain form. and the prettiest ticket ever for the gondola ride. (:
we went to the Lady's Street every night. AHAHAHA.
well. those pictures pretty much tell bout my trip. it was really fun. haha. we followed a few different tours with different ppl and tour guides. the Macau tour guide was okay. but the HK one is terrible. his name is Mike. and ppl calls him "Ah Mai" coz they cant pronounce it. and Mike's english is horrible. he says one two three four as one FU FI FO. lawl. laughed the heck outta us. and he says nine as "lie". HAHAHA. anyway, their english are just terrible. the salegirls says hundred as hunjet. TSKKKK.*shakes head*
and my skin is horribly dry now. so sad.
i'll talk more if i can remember more stuff later. i have no mood to recall now. im busy watching Hana Yori Final and The Clue Collector. =)
so, LATER!(:

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