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if you wanna know more about the macau and hk trip, my sis blogged it all out. haha. Here.

and i've been so bored last night, i sorta gambled with my aunt and bro. lawl. WITH UNO. hahahaha. (:
yep. we were using coins. my sis's coins. lawl. =D i initially had 1.40 bucks. and at last i left 90 cents. dang.
my favourite card! =)
this too. this leads to lots of funny happenings. hahaha.
and after watching Jay Chou did some magic in A Date With Lu Yu, my bro got obsessed with magic. and we've been having headache coz he keep wanting to perform but we very lazy nak tengok. HAHAHAH.
okay. it proves so much that im uber bored coz im actually blogging bout Uno. crap. lols. but its really fun gambling. =)
andand. *sobs* after the game, we went down for some biscuits from Macau. so i just sat on one of my dining chair. and i have this tendency to sit like a gangster. either putting my leg up on my own chair or on the chair next to me. and last night when i wanted to put my leg in the chair next to me, I SAW THAT FREAKING WHITEEEEEEEE LIZARD! oh shit. dammit. i guess it sat there for a very long time ady since it camouflaged itself and became white coz my chair is marble in the middle. dang. ITS SO NEAR TO ME!! when i saw it, i was soooo shocked i immediately jumped up and in the process squashing the biscuit in my fingers and causing it to fly everywhere. by the time im at the foyer, i was already sobbing hard and at the same time laughing when my aunt selambanya looked at the white lizard in the chair and asked in Hokkien,"whats the problem eh?" LAWL. i was so freaked out till i cried but she... dang. nevermind.
i have no idea why im so scared of lizards. gosh. i just find it crazy crazy scary and creepy and gross. its supposingly cold and scaly. YUCKKKK! actually, im more afraid of lizards than cockroaches. seriously. since cockroaches are hard shelled right? its not scary just dirty. lawl. i didnt stop sobbing until very long ago last night. -.-"
and yeah. i finished The Clue Collector episode 7 yesterday. and left 3 more episodes of Hana Yori Dango Final. sighss.
-the girl who constantly sees lizards but screams all the time- [ lawls]

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