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some random shots to kill boredom. which is extra serious.
guess what? my parents bought this book for 165HK which is around 80 bucks here. what nonsense. i can buy 2 books ady. *sobs* useless laaaa. sighs.and this is one of the chapters. HAHAHA.
1. Hana Yori Dango Final. Ep9.
2. The Clue Collector. Ep8. [not out yet]
3. Keeping Faith- Jodi Picoult. =]
4. The Rules Of Love- Richard Templar. lawl.
5. Jay Chou-ing. WHEE~
6. Piano Theory Work. =(
7. Practise Piano.
8. ohoh.. Revise Add Maths. [TSK]
9. Freak Out For My Doom's Day. [gosh]
10. Continue Freaking Out. [ugh]
andand. Aaron Yan flips open this kinda bottle when he's brainstorming in The Clue Collector. sooooo yeng! and i love M&M.
im reading this now. Faith is talking to God. a female God. lawl.
My Christmas List:[its a must if i put it in pink][its a MUST MUST if its in red.]
1. 8As for PMR.
2. which if my number 1 on this list is granted, i'll most probably get a new phone.
3. iPod Touch.
4. New booksssssss.
5. New clothes.
6. a new iPod for the time being.
7. TO MEET THE EVER-AWESOME JAY CHOUUUUUU! [help me Santa. bring him to me. =) with his crystal piano. lawl.]
8. to meet Lee Dong Wook.
9. more booooookkkksssss.
10. and more albumsssss.
its reaaaaaaally easy to grant my wishes. no? (:
all i want is you.
i Uno-ed all day long. and suddenly remembered i hadnt been able to do my Theory coz i was in HK the whole last week. ughhh. and tomoro's lesson is reaaaal early. dangdang. she's gonna bang on my door. again. -.-"
"*trying to convert mum into Christian.*"
"umm. sorry. im a Muslim."[LOL][ps: the Kuan Yin statue is just right behind my mum which is actually visible to the fella.]
"*dumbly* oh. sorry.*goes away*"
HAHAHAHAA. this happened in our old house. i just find it funnie.
and im addicted to Uno. andand. i don like you. you're always so fake. trying to hide everything.
im off. buybyee.

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