A circle
Wednesday, October 23, 2013 // 0 comment(s)

I'm one of those annoying people who keep complaining and complaining (to myself) about what others have and what I don't. I keep looking at other people and thinking they're living lives so much better than mine. Did I do something wrong somewhere? Have I not done something to deserve what I want?

But actually, I have no idea what I bloody want. I actually have everything I need. I have a beautiful family and some considerably amazing friends (only sometimes haha). I have enough money to spend, I have food any time I need it, I have a roof over my head. So sometimes, I really wonder why do I still look at other people and actually think that their lives are perfect because obviously everyone has their own problems and what I can see is superficial. They probably have this but don't have that and they probably are envious of me too? I think.

Although I do stop and think about everything I have and feel contented for like 2 seconds and go back to whining about how miserable my life is, when it's, in actual fact, not. I really should stop concentrating about how (I think) other people are happier than I am. I should not compare and it's unfair because my parents try so hard to give me everything they can.

Even if I feel like they don't give me enough, it's probably everything they have.


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