When I see myself..
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 // 0 comment(s)

...I seem like someone else.

#nowplaying I don't know how to love him - Jesus Christ Superstar

Exam's in 2 days time. Although this is only a 5% exam, I still feel scared? Scared that I might fail even though I think I've worked hard enough. Ask anyone who knew me before my foundation studies. They'll tell you I'm one lazy ass, you'll see my forever sleeping in class with books stacked in front and my mum will tell you that I'm "the laziest person ever on earth". It's true. It is only after I've done badly in my first foundation semester test that I try to buck up for the second semester test and yeah, I improved quite a lot. I thought that was my limit. Well, clearly not. I've never ever worked this hard until I enter my MBBS programme. But it doesn't seem adequate?

Tough or not, I still gotta go through this shit. After this exam, I'll have another one month of studies before having to face my first professional MBBS exam. I will die, it is confirmed. Like, I struggle so much for only one-month worth of stuff. Imagine having to memorize one-year worth of knowledge. I may not survive. Wish me all the best. Dramatic bye-bye.

Also, I've been really confused. As my friends say, I really do over think. Not sometimes. Almost all the damn time.

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