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Wednesday, September 26, 2012 // 0 comment(s)

Year 1 Sem 1 Block 2 ended. Time is really flying. Done with EOC 2 and I'm guessing the results are out, just that no one who is at Sg Long bothers to go check it out. Well, okay fine whatever. It's best I don't know my result first. I'm freaking out but I hope I did fine. 

After my OSPE paper on 2nd day of exams, we're done with EOC 2 and went to Midvalley for some celebration. Splitted into a few groups though. Don't even know why we waited for everyone to come if we're gonna split into cliques as usual. My usual bunch of lunch mates went for karaoke at Redbox. Some went for lunch and movie. Some went and celebrate their friend's birthday. Okayyyy. 

So I was in the room with all the emo guys. Okay. As usual, I only sing the loudest when it's Jay Chou's songs hehehe.

At about 6pm, I left Midvalley and went for Maroon 5's concert! Adam Levine is so good live! He's just casually wearing a t-shirt and jeans, rolling his sleeves up and down which I don't mind because BICEPS. We were at the seated zone but who the fuq cares about chairs and aching legs when you have Maroon 5 live. I would've been jumping more if I wasn't wearing stupid sandals >:( Anyways, they sang all my favourite songs and even some covers! Love!

And this is Adrian.

Went back home to Ipoh the next day and of course, painted my nails. Pastel pink with glitters this time :)

Also, highlighted my virgin hair with red/maroon colour which will apparently fade to brown.

And then proceed to spend the next few days taking pictures of myself. 

Brother took this.

Captioned this one below: Happy feet.

First group of people I met up with: Seng Hoo and Mel. As usual hahah. Went for movie, Bait at Aeon. Had Starbucks and shopped at Cotton On for awhile. Then we went to Michelangelo's for dinner. FINALLY MANG. We usually don't get a table there because we're always too late.

Today, met up with Mel (again lmao) and Teoh. Went to Scotch for lunch and didn't really expect to gossip so damn much wtf. Win.

Oh yeah, also tagged along my parents to the clinic every morning to listen in when my dad sees his patients :D

Happy holidays!

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