Twirls of smoke, rustles of leaves, carefree laughter.
Saturday, August 4, 2012 // 0 comment(s)

Since I'm kinda allergic to smoke or some sort, I started off the bbq party by sitting at the bench taking random pictures and laughing at random stuff I was observing. I love people-watching, as creepy as it may sound :P

Thanks to the few kind souls who prepared me some food, literally /some/ food. Sausages with cheese in them, plain sausages, fishballs, ham and etc. They even offered me chicken wings but I just can't eat chicken under this messy condition haha. Kinda drank my way through. Orange juice.

Halfway, the group of us fast-walked to mamak nearby for the LCW-CL match. It was an awesome match! We were kind of the only group of people super hyped up for the match, we kept cheering non-stop lol it was a lil embarrassing. So happy Dato' Lee Chong Wei won! :D

We were saying it wasn't like a barbeque party, it's more like war lmao! There were a few people who were at the bbq pit 24/7, preparing food for themselves and for other people too. When they left the pit for awhile to take a breather, they looked like they just jogged a thousand miles, red faces lol. Everyone was getting stressed up because they needed to fight for food haha. Gosh. I was like, Chill and have some orange juice.

Playing some games lol.

We even played Ice and Water for god's sake. First year, med students. Running about, screaming and laughing and gasping and panting, all at the same time hahaha. It just felt good running under pressure and having fun :)

Me and class rep, Soo Ling! :D

This guy, Sim Yang is leaving utar for usm too :(

For the below pics, it's almost the same people but then more and more people decided to join lmao.

I had fun, surprisingly.

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