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Wednesday, July 25, 2012 // 0 comment(s)

End of Year 1 Sem 1 Block 1. Lol it's only been 2 months. 2 super hectic months. Done with my first EOC test. Screwed it up badly I know what to expect for the results. Something not satisfying but I'll try harder next block. 

These are some pictures taken one week before the EOC test. Sakae Sushi for dinner with aunts and sister :) 

Random pictures before end of block 1.

Exam stress leads to boredom which then leads to ice-cream every night while studying. Lol.
On last day of EOC test. WOOTS.

This is before I went out to watch The Dark Knight Rises with them people :) The movie is awesome. Bale is the best batman so far, to me. The Joker plot in the The Dark Knight is better but the visuals in this one is just amazing. Watched for the 2nd time with sister yesterday hehe.

Then I came home the next day. Did my nails :)

Met up with Jing (who's leaving the next day), Sandra, Kim and Sim :D We had Daorae for lunch then went over to Redbox at JJ for karaoke! Jing sang like she just broke up with her non-existant boyfriend or something, Sim was like singing and singing with extra passion lmao, Kim was just shouting and causing chaos. Sandra and I were like, what the fuq can we close our ears HAHAH. Also took a few pics with Sim's polaroid <3

Then I cut my hair :(

Might be watching Ice Age later. And tomorrow I'll be in MGS getting my SPM and acc's certs.

Now I'm just sleeping and waking up at random time. Reading novels. Just done watching BBc Sherlock season 2. /Need/ season 3 now!!

Only a week's break and I'm enjoying it.

"Because one day when you leave again, I might not be able to find you back." - taken from the sherlock fic I'm working on.

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