It's not you, it's me
Wednesday, April 11, 2012 // 0 comment(s)

It's not about me feeling all attached to my friends, it's about me not wanting to waste friendships away like they don't matter anymore. This is what's happening now in my life: certain people wanna get close to me, I get close to the certain people, certain people decide that I'm not worth their time and poof just like that, they're gone from my life. No more useless talks at night, no more useless chats over drinks, no more useless arguments that will get us to nowhere. All that's left is me feeling like I'm being used, which I am.

When I said that you're a player, you told me to not say things like that. But then why didn't you try to prove me wrong? I was hoping, hoping so bad that you'll finally be different. You're just the same, like the rest out there. A player.

可不可以不要闹了?我开始想你了, 尽管你现在可能喜欢的是别人.


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