Week 3
Sunday, February 5, 2012 // 0 comment(s)

This is a long and sad weekend. Sigh. Because there are too many things I need to catch up on, I chose to not go home for the weekend. So now I'm having cup noodles, trying to do chemistry lab report and watching HIMYM, all alone :(

Anyway, this week was okay and dull except the fact that I'm seeing Wooyoung more and more :D His red curly poodle-hair is too awesome and even the guys agreed! They used to say Wooyoung is ugly and how is that possible. Hmph.

Yesterday, we randomly decided to go to Sg Long for lunch and also to check out Popular there to use our vouchers. We ended up having Food & Tea for lunch and I didn't get to use my voucher cuz the Popular is too small.

 Chin Yeh and his rabbit head rest thing
Zhong Chao and I have no idea what he was doing lol
A random pic of them boys in lecture class

Some random pictures to make up the lack of pictures for this post. Heh. Gotta get busy again. Probably watching Journey 2 tonight. Probably.

Okay I'm making Wooyoung's pic public. There's zero possibility of him browsing my blog right? /fingers crossed/ HE DOES LOOK LIKE WOOYOUNG OK!
 Chin Yeh and Wooyoung. They told him a friend of theirs said he looks like another friend so they requested a pic with him while he was studying bio wth right. They did this without me knowing!!
 His signature grey shirt lmao. Jia Ling took this pic.


Spot him and his grey shirt.

Random hot pics of Jay Chou 

Somebody take me away
'cause I can't take this pain

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