Things that amaze me
Saturday, December 10, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

1. Voices that sound like heaven. I dig guys who can sing. It's obvious since my fav ever singer is Jay Chou and my K-Pop biases are usually the lead singers in the particular boyband. I just love music so much that I like people who can sing.

2. How love can affect a person so much. I'm always amazed at how people change for love and how people get motivation from love. But maybe because I've never had a chance to experience this.

3. Hardworking people. I just cannot ever find determination to be hardworking. I just can't, even after forcing myself. I'm a failure I know.


I dreamt of going for 2PM's concert, again. This time, I sat at the concert hall so long but nobody showed up. Not even a single person. Then someone asked me to go somewhere else but I said I had to wait for 2PM. Suddenly I remembered something. The concert was in December but that time was only November. I cried. 

This probably reflects my life in some way.

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