Finals coming up
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One week to finals. I don't even know how I will cope. Even though my coursework is very much improved compared to last sem's coursework. I still hope that I won't screw up my finals like how I did last sem. This is so much stress. I have never ever felt stress before this whole foundation thing. Okay maybe once when I broke down one night during trials before chemistry paper while studying the salt chapter. And that is the result of last minute studying. Last minute doesn't really work in tertiary education. So yeah I'm kind of a better student compared to before. Anyway, gonna be really busy cramming all the stuff into my pea-sized brain for the next one week. God, please give me strength and determination.

Ok so these are random pictures from the past week.

My eel sushi set at Yuzu.

Waiting for bus that never came lol. Shoes from Carlo Rino.

Vivian and I decided to have decent Tutti Frutti instead of trying to save money by taking only a little bit and this is not even that expensive. Only RM12. The sad and pathetic TF we used to buy is RM10. So why not right? :D

Butterscotch cinnamon roll from Starbucks. Stupid la. It's burnt. Urgh damn pek chek.

Trying to show off nails before it's completely chipped off.

Ok again wanna show off nails or I will never actually do peace signs. 

SS501 and pea princess shirt :D Today is Triple S's 6th anniversary. 

Today's starbucks. My javachip mocha and Vivian's cranberry white chocolate mocha frapuccino wtf why the name so long one? ._.

That's it. I cannot believe my sis woke me up from my nap to ask about my DiGi plan and that indirectly tells me that she is buying a new phone now!! Omg why her life so awesome after SPM? My life after SPM: forever alone rotting at home watching dramas and then 2 weeks later, I end up in NS. Her after SPM: Go out with friends every single day and complain that she's tired at the end of the day in twitter WHILE I HAVE A WAR WITH BOOKS FOR MY FINALS. Ok thanks for being so supportive, sister. D;

Gotta get back to books. Dammit.

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