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There's always this one person you find annoying because of that person's personality. It's not completely bad, it's just more towards the bad side and I cannot tolerate fakers as in people who fake their emotions because they try to not offend anyone. Who. The. Hell. Cares. You wanna be nice, be it. You wanna complain, complain to the damn person. Please don't be all nicey nicey in front of the person who needed your help then turn around and complain to someone else that you are upset that the person needed your help. Now, I'm confused. Why are there still such cowards in this world? If you don't even have the courage to speak openly, I really don't know what you're good for. I don't think we should care so much about what other people think about us. You should just be you. You should be open and speak your mind. I'm not telling you to go around offending people like nobody's business like me, but you can at least speak your mind, nicely. No one will ever mind. But now, in our eyes, you're a freakin coward. Nothing more. A lot less. You complain non-stop. I don't get it. If someone needs your help and you cannot do it or you don't wanna do it, reject in a nice way. I don't get it why people nowadays don't dare to reject or utter a word as simple as 'No'. I do this so often that when I say 'No', nobody will even ask why anymore. Because I said 'No' and that's the end of our conversation. I hate it when people try to pressurize me into doing something I don't like or not comfortable in doing. I just hate it. Don't annoy me any further. When you do nothing wrong, I'm fine but when you act so much like a coward, I prefer to think that you're invisible.

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