All Over Again
Tuesday, March 29, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

Currently: Working (& no other priorities)

It feels really odd not studying. Studying used to be my top priority, I mean it's supposed to be and it will be (soon). So, no matter what, I just wanna start school/college whatever really soon just because I need to have a shitload of studying on my hands.

Resolutions of the year: Smile at everyone (until I scare myself) & Be who I was before I am who I am (I own and hide my feelings).

Wishlist: To own a DSLR & you

Thanks daddy for the Samsung Galaxy S and the other 1k. Thanks mummy for the Guess bag and clothes you bought for me today. Thanks to myself for buying myself 2 pair of shoes. :)


It's that same feeling all over again, the very feeling you promised to not give me


This road, I'll have to walk alone.

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