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The sun's bright glare was right in my eyes. I held up one hand to shield myself from the sun's cruelty, in order to see what was he doing outside. Why did he run away when I called out to him?

I followed, making almost no sound at all. It looked as if he was in a hurry. I almost tripped when I stepped on a twig. Thank god he didnt notice. I hope he was just doing something beneficial. Like exercise. No no no, even I didn't believe myself. I hoped numbness would come over me. My heartbeat was impossible to count, it was going so fast, banging against my ribcage. The thumping was loud in my ears, the buzzing and all.

He was getting blurry. I thought it was sweat that betrayed my eyes but no. When I tried to wipe it away, nothing happened. The ground looked blurry and black. I think that was when I blacked out. My last thought was, Oh no. I'd lose him. What if something happens to him?

I woke up feeling very grouchy. Where am I? I jumped, startled by the blackness of his eyes. The tunnel to his soul. The shortest way to reach him. I'd never achieve that, would I? I never really did understad him. He didnt want me to. I felt my heart stopped. His eyes can really soothe me sometimes.

He saw that Im fine. Then he wore his coat and walked out of the door. He just left me. Again. With tears threatening to spill from my eyes, I grabbed a coat and chased him. I tripped so many times I don care anymore. I just want him to tell me he's gonna be fine. And that he wouldn't leave me for anything.

I thought it was all over. He didn't know. He shouldn't feel guilty. But he wouldn't listen to me.

He reached the end. The other side of the forest. He looked out, at the sun's beautiful ray which brightens everything. And he breathed in the smell of the ocean water. As if he was doing that for the last time. He looked back at me. He smiled. As though his problems were all gone. I hadn't saw a smile from him for days. And now. It was my last time. I was still running. I couldn't stop sobbing. I couldn't breathe. When I reached there, I saw, I saw him. Him, gone.

He jumped, I died.


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