Sunday, May 9, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

1.I had driving lesson again today. Drove on the road. The instructor was too paranoid. Gah. I like driving in the morning. It's cool. :)
2.Had breakfast at Kopitiam.
3.Had chee cheong fun for lunch.
4.Gonna nap now.
5.Gonna watch Dream Team later.
6.And study as well.
7.Gonna eat out again. Aunt still need to spend us dinner. Lol.
8. They installed a new aircond for me yesterday and made my room so dirty and messy.
9.Aunt helped me clean up my room. A small scale gotong royong.
10. Now my room is clean and cool. :D

1.Kyu sang like he was drunk. Lol.
2.Anchovy so freaking cowardly lah. HAHA.
3.I love Cookie. :D

Although you nag a lot for me to go offline, still, it's your day, so WHATEVER. :D I listen to you. Gonna go offline now. Bye world. Night.

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