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Sunday, January 3, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

#1 When you can't sneeze when you need to? Look at light or the bright places. Maybe its just psychologically. But it seems to work on me. Its funny watching people trying to sneeze but cant and get all frustrated. HAHA. Next time, look at a bright place.

#2 "ER ERH ER ERH" Hiccups are like super annoying. Omg. You never know how to cure them. They said, Hold your breath for blablabla seconds. It never works. Because you will hiccup RIGHT in the middle of it. Omg. So annoying right? This is another way you can stop your hiccups. Drink 7 short sips of water, fast. I think it is also psychologically. But it works well for me. So why not try? :D

#3 This one useless boh liao one la. Off your phone when studying. NEVER WORKS. Boo. I will end up switching it on again or do some other things. =|

#4 Im sure you guys get invited to parties alot especially this time of the year. Well. I got some invites too. Im not a people's person you see. So when I refuse to go, I'd say, My parents don't allow. To some invites only la. Some seriously parents don't let one. Altho I want to go very much. =/ Well. Well. This excuse works best because the one who is harassing you can't say anything. xD


Okay thank me. BAI.

Wait. Wanna spam with some hot pics. xD






 I realise I super love SHINee and SuJu nao. Like seriously wanna die.

Happy school year. Boo.

To do list:
-finish Chem
-pack bag
-clear desk
-listen to Rebirth!


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