I used to..
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Since its new year, its time to do some boring reflecting. Yawns. Sounds like a moral or sivics textbook.

I used to...

BE QUIET. I still am. HAHA. I know. Im actually quiet although you may see me make some noise but thats actually not me. Thats actually my.. twin. =.= Okay fine. Im a lil noisier. But still quite quiet lah right? Aish.

BE SMARTER. Idk. I have a feeling Im becoming dumber than I already was. So sad. Look at my marks throughout the form 4 year. Mad teruk.

BE LESS CONFIDENT. Hahaha. This ah, I think now I am more confident. But that doesnt mean Im more optimistic. Lol.

BE OPTIMISTIC. Im a pessimist now. Seriously. =/

LIKE KFC ALOT. Thank god Im just okay with it. Lol. The oil. Yuckety yuckety yuck.

 LIKE TO SHOWER WITH COLD WATER. Not anymore. I love warm water now. :)

NOT KNOW HOW TO SOLVE RUBIK'S CUBES. I do now. I learnt in one night.


Time for useless new year resolutions!!

-Finish homeworks on time. Actually on time means, let's say teacher say pass up on Wed. As long as I pass it up on Wed it doesnt actually matter WHEN I do it right? Whether its a day before or before I go to bed on Tuesday night. Okay this one should be easy! And yeah I still haven't done my holiday homework and its school in 2 days time. But they say no needa do first so okay I listen to them. So nice of me. :D

-Maintain my full attendance. In case you havent heard of my famous attendance, lemme tell you lah. Heh. So paiseh. In 4 years, I only missed school ONE day when I was in form 1. I went to KL for an uncle's bday I think. Lol. And full attendance the 3 years after that. Geng leh! HAHAHAHA.

-Study consistently. Duh I must. SPM year don pray pray. Everyday, at least erm. 4 hours. GAWSH is it too much? Ugh. Then where got time for TV and comp? Dies.

-Only go online on weekends. I can do this. Definitely must. I've been doing this for the past one year ady.

-Eat less. Everyone said Im fat ady. So sad lor I tell you. I don't even dare to flipping weigh myself I scared the weighing scale spoil. Bah.

-Be healthier. Everyone said I look anemic. BUT SAY I FAT ALREADY OF COS I WANNA EAT LESS THEN NOW SAY I EAT TOO LIL SO WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW VERY FRUSTRATED! I think I better eat less. Thin is better than healthy. I is vain.


-Be happier! :)

-Train for Pong. But NEVER EVER go for another competition although KL said if I go, he can pass me my souvenir from Jap but I don't think he so kind and bought me anything but wait that's not the point As I was saying, no. Not another competition. Fullstop.

-Continue reading novels. I shall never stop that hobby. How to when I rather buy books than clothes? I KNEW IT. I knew Im not a vain person. Yayayayay!

-Never stop going to cinema to watch movies. Im not gonna be a lifeless person.

-Be a lifeless person. Eh laugh what? New Year resolutions cannot be contradicting one meh? I like lah.

-Must accomplish all the new year resolutions.

-Think of where to hide when I get straight fail for SPM.

-Steal some money first then only run to my hiding place.

-And remember to bring my Rebirth album. Because its the only Korean album I have. Heh. Im proud.

-Stop writing useless new year resolutions.

-Seriously, stop. =.=


Have a good life and happy new year! 


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