2009 outside of school.
Thursday, December 31, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Since I did one review bout life in school, now should do a review outside of school. After this sentence, no more the word 'school'. HAHA.


Walao now wanna sleep first.

Because hor, later got Table of Glory and needa countdown at home. So sad lah I. And Sis.

Okay. EVERYONE went out including my bro. Why I so sad one? Lol. Mummy ordered pizza for us. I ate like, 3. Dang. Die die die. Watching Taipei Countdown on TV nao. Got LEE HOM, FAHRENHEIT!!


Oh and this post I don't think I'll put pics.


This year, besides all the fun and bad stuff that happened in school. Of course, outside school too.

Pong competition. Okay a disasterous one for us, duh. But we had fun watching. The bad thing was, teacher BEGGED us to go for the competition on Friday when the competition is next Monday. You think we will so easily say yes meh? Mad one. Somemore we all not pro also. If dad let me train for state player then it might be different now. After lots of persuading done by teacher, we all went. I played till 2nd round only. But I was happy. Teacher wanted to go back so fudding early but we begged for another 10 mins to wait for KL to win. Yeah we were sure he'll win. HAHA. Anyways, nice competition. Lovesss. That is outside 'thewordicantsay' right? :D

We didn't travel much this year. =/

Anyways, I am fat consistently this year. Weight loss max till 43kg. WTF. I think I am 60kg now. =(

Actually I have no life. Nothing much happened outside 'thewordicantsay'. Lifeless.

Whatever lah. Doesnt matter.


But I won't be happy because this is gonna be a bad year for me. Wtf. SPM somemore. FML.


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