If i become just memories
Monday, October 19, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Lol. This is fun. But lazy la. Im online using my phone. Mummy hid the wireless already and she's sleeping. So i cant beg for it. Boohoo.

So. Its school tomorrow. And as a very disciplined young lady, im not gonna skip school. I think it'd be better coz if i stay at home, i'd sleep till 11 and laze around. At least in school, i might study for like 3 hours. Lol. Hopefully la. Exam on wed. Boohoo. Its history and maths. I only found out just now. Haha. When bryan asked. Haha.

You know, i thought kai was supposed to be sick. See see, she's the highest in tuition just now. God. She sighed and talked rubbish till whole class can hear and the people sitting in front of us kept laughing nonstop. Lol! Peiqi also same. She complained bout kc leong. Lol. I think he said something like this, now we gonna do some add maths. I dunno whether your add maths good or not. But i think is not good. HAHAH! Then peiqi say, i don like you. Lol. Then the girl whom disyaki suka peiqi kept laughing. Lol. I pulak, pretend i dunno them. So embarrassing okay? Why english school people must be so dramatic?? Sigh. Lol. It was a nice tuition though. At least i laughed alot, release stress ma. Hee.

So. I malas nak type dah. Good luck to me for my exams. Hahaha. And i love malaysia. Oh. You guys shud know starting next year, we're gonna have double national day right? Yay. More holidays coming upppp! Anyeong. I love GD!

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