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Wassup with Seunghyun's hair? LMAO.

Watch this. Sam is super cute and it's so funny! Crystal Lam asked me to watch one. So it's not my fault. HAHA.




I have 2 tuitions on a Sunday. WTF. I fell asleep just now. From 2-6pm. FML. I was dizzy la. Then fell asleep. What the heck. I'm still on Chem. Finishing ady. :D

BTW. I DREAMT OF SHINEE AND HYUN JOONG!! Its like a reality show. Got games and stuff. God. Minhwan appeared first. Seunghyun then KEY! Then Hyun Joong. LOLOLOLOL. I was ssssssoooooo happy. I can feel the bliss. I was so sad when I woke up you know? Boo. FML.

Then just now 4 miss calls from a private number. Suddenly, my phone rang. This Indo woman named Ah Mel called to ask whether my house is near to someplace she mentioned or not. Lol. I cant really hear what she was talking about. SO CREEPY.

And. Me and Wei Ching, NO MORE FRIENDS! HMPHHH.

Im so bored. WTF. I watched Diamond Night Club just now. There's a dog who can do calculations and all sorts of stuffs. (319/29)-(2x3)=? HE DID THAT IN LIKE 10 SECONDS. God. So awesome man.

Oh and. Bell/Belle/Bel won Miss Astro. Lol. I didnt really watch la. Watched the last part only. Katrina's prettier. Lol. My daddy also thinks it's very predictable. HAHA.

My sis is officially bored out of her mind. She's watched those programmes we recorded in 999 for like, 15648616468914 times. Haha.


Anyeong. ♥

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