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This is Mr Kwon's performance again! Gad. I wont get bored of his redunkulous dancing. :D Plus. I saw him performing again on TV last night on Music Bank. HAWT.

Some random pictures of Hyun Joong and Hyung Jun. Lol.

Lee Dong Wook. What a portrait-like picture.

I woke up. AT 8 FLIPPIN AM! To do pedicure. =.= My piano pedi was kinda dead. So its blue now. With some white thingo on it. IDK. My mum said, no more black and white. HAHA. My sis got orange nails now. And smileys on it. Lol. For PMR wor. Good luck one. WTF. Then I practised piano. AGAIN! ☺(hahaha) exfriendlookedhotinjeanswtf. Went San Marco for ice cream. :D Awesome. I ate alot. In a VERY FAST speed. Lol. Came home and napped.

10 MORE MINUTES TO MANU-STOKE MATCH! Too bad no ManU shirt. Diu.

I'll post my current Pedi picture tomorrow or something. Lol. ☺

Anyeong. ♥(HAHAHAH)

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