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Sunday, September 13, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

No matter how much I resist to put on any pictures today, I failed myself. I cant possibly let my last post of the week be WITHOUT any pictures or THEM. So. YAY. HERE THEY ARE.

All those wins made my day. ;)

I watched Man City-Arsenal match yesterday. What the heck I tell you. It was 4-2. I was hoping Arsenal would win. Tsk. I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE THAT MALE-BIATCH ADEBAYOR STAMPED ON PERSIE'S BEAUTIFUL FACE. *Growls* Then. I watched Man Utd-Tottenham match WHILE doing my Bio. Yay. It was 3-1! Defoe freakin scored at the 50th second. GOD. And I love that overhead kick. I gotta agree with Sandra that his accent is extremely cute. Hees. Then Ryan Giggs obviously scored for that freekick. Then Anderson. And Rooney. Awesome shit man. Last but not least, Real Madrid-Espanyol. 3-nil. WOOTS. Granero, Guti and RONALDO! Lol. During the extra time. Around 90:45. HEE. Awesome. It was so steep. The ball somehow squeezed its way thru the goalie's legs and INTO THE GOAL! *Dances around*

I woke up late today. JING, I MIGHT NOT FINISH YOUR BOOK. I GOT LOADS OF HOMEWORK LEFT. Sigh. Im sleepy now. Im compiling some songs and downloading songs. to put into my newly repaired phone. Its abit cuckoo now. Lol. Kinda different. Idk. I love using the auto-rotate thing now. I used to hate it.

I shall waste my night today doing homework, reading and watching TiVo. YESHH. =)

I cant wait for Gossip Girl and see Nate again. Lol.

Saranghae. Anyeong.

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