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Sunday, August 2, 2009 // 0 comment(s)


So. I spent my day yesterday at school for Rangers Farewell. Tuition. Online. And sleep. x_x

I spent today at Stadium's Tennis Court. And no. I wasn't playing tennis. I was simply there to watch my Brother play. OH AND. HE'S FREAKIN SINGLES' CHAMPION AND DOUBLES TOO. Joshua was his partner. LOL. The game was so hilarious. I watched Harmina/someone and Isabelle/someone's doubles game too. DAMN HILARIOUS I TELL YOU. Those lil kids playing, HOMG, they're like so tiny. Hees. Then under 16 guys finals damn geng i tell you. SO FREAKIN YENG TOO. GAME SET MATCH. LOL. He looked like Vanness. Hahas. They smashed till so damn hard. If the ball hit me, I'd die. Lol. I watched PeiQi/YanQi and Harmina/someone's doubles finals. Woots. I supported Harmina. And what's so funny bout me holding an umbrella? =/ It was freakin sunny, okay? Hmphhh. Sour grape.

Anyways. I gotta do some homework later. And sleep early. Toodles people. See ya next week. =) <3

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