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This is Hero and Micky singing Been So Long. Hero's damn hot I tell you. Just look at his EVERY gesture. Ugh. And note his smile at 1.09. GAWSH.


I really wanna go. Badly. Dammit. Damn. Damn!

I woke up at 12 noon today. Which is a bad thing. I still haven finish copying that 2nd essay. WTF. Argh.

Then. We went for a haircut. Then went and get back my REPAIRED PHONE. Yeshhh. Its so functional now. Lol. Then went Kopitiam for tea. Then went alot of places. Then went back to our ex-day care centre. Lawl. The 2 adults kept boasting bout their children. We couldnt stand it. Lol.

"My son is a national Syarahan champion you know?"
"OH? My daughter also started public speaking since standard 4!"
"Yea. Last time my eldest daughter(me) loves public speaking. She used to be emcee for chinese, malay and english public speaking competitions and sometimes even impromptu."
"But last time we didnt know so we didnt think of training her."
"Yeah lah. Same like my daughter. Her swimming used to be very good but also I didnt let her train on."
"OH. My second daughter is abit inactive in sports la but she still joins Ping Pong."
"Oh. My daughter also not so active already but she's the monitor of 4S1."
"My daughter also in 4S1."


Then I came home and slept with the hope of going. But no such luck. SIGH.

He's still waiting for my text. Lol. Im gonna text him now. SIGH. SAD.

Gotta go. Byeee.

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