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Friday, August 14, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

The sky, looked as if it was scattered with glitters. That was how the stars looked like. The moon, so shy, hidden behind the veil of clouds. Birds, moving, flapping their wings so eagerly, as if there's something chasing them. The street lamp, shimmering lightly, barely shining on the road. The sweet wrapper, surrounded by hundreds of tiny red ants. The poster of Michael Jackson, pasted on the wall, smiling, as if right at me. I remembered it all.

YAY! EXAMS FREAKIN ENDED. LIKE, SERIOUSLY. =) Although its only a 3-day thing, but still. I was kinda stressed out. I think. Lol. After exam, I was lying on my sofa, doing nothing. My sis said, you exam or not, still the same. Lol. Thats because, during exam, I read novels for reward. And I sleep practically the whole time. Yeah so. Alright. I feel guilty already. Haha.

Anyways, got back Add Maths, English, Bm and History. All are fine. Well. Except BM. Know what? Im gonna fail *INHALES A DEEP BREATH* Chem, Bio, Physics, Moral.. Alot eh? SIGH. I think we'll be getting back our Bio and Maths. And hopefully nothing else. =)

I was studying History in school. And. People started asking me, EH. TODAY GOT QUIZ AH? LOL. I was so pissed. Eee. Isn't it kinda normal for WaiLynn to study for nothing? SIGH. I GUESS NOT. PFFFTT.

Anyways. we had PJ. We promised the teacher. HAHA. We kinda played Volleyball. I love the game. I was in the school team when I was in Form 1. But.. Never mind. It was freakin damn hilarious. When the ball came, everyone started shrieking and running away. WHAT THE HELL RIGHT? lol.

We easily convinced Ms Loh that we're right. =)

Had tuition just now. PeiQi gave me a box of Belgian chocs. WHEES. Then I gave her my pack of tissue coz she was having flu in tuition. She said, what a fair trade. LOLLIES. We then went to San Marco for ice cream. =) awesome shit!

Not forgetting. Im SOO gonna buy the EPOP mag. Someone was reading it in tuition. I saw. SAW SS501!! So yeah. Im buying it. WHEEEEE.

Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Kyu Jong
Kim Hyung Joon
Heo Young Saeng
Park Jung Min


Facebook is so fun. LOL. Sorority Life. =)

Interesting people too.

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