I am sorry.
Sunday, August 16, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Well well. School on Saturday sucks so badly.

I got stomach ache the very minute I know my Bio results. I know. Weird.

Normaria's leaving. Sigh. To Anderson. Not like they'd actually appreciate her. And I abso-freaking-lutely don want a weird menopausing teacher, alright?

Then then. I went to tuition with PeiQi straight after school. In uniform. X_x

Then. We went for the Sam Tet function thing. Jia Yun was there too. The food was okay. There was damn lot of performances. Alot were interesting and amazing. There's one, they used Jay Chou's Kungfu Dunk song. SO DAMNNNN CUTE. No. Im not a paedo, Joses. The dragon dance was nice but a lil too long. My brother went up and got some appreciation trophy and cert. Lol. Yeng lah. He wore a suit. =.=

Anyways. Im kinda kinda addicted to Facebook dei. Just kinda. LOL.

He felt it slowly falling
Falling into nowhere
He reached out to it
Try to grasp it
Tight in his strong hand
He caught nothing but air
He glanced at it
And watched it go away
Away from him.

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