So much for that 3 words.
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Max. Long legs. =)
He's always hot lah. Since I-dunno-when.


Honk Honk.
She stopped and looked.
She continued walking.
Honk Honk Honk.
Annoyed, she stopped.
And found the lady asking her
Why she's in school.
She said, Add Maths.
Lady asked why she's in shorts.
Lady said she apparently
Told us to not wear shorts.
She apologised.
She went to class
And found a lot of them wearing shorts.
She thought, what the hell
Did I apologise for then?

Mr Cheang taught Simultaneous Equation, Indices and Logarithms and Circular Measures. And. Shit. I haven do my Circular Measures yet. Shit. I shall do it tomorrow when they're doing their Coordinate Geometry 'cause I finished that chapter. Wheeps. Apparently Pn Normaria was in school. And and I saw Mr Wong's car. You know what? I can only recognise Mr Wong, Miss Loh and Pn Murizan's car. HAHA.

*In cantonese*
Rex:"Why? Never see before Leng Zai ah?"


Then. I came home. Watched some more Burning Flame 3. WHOA. MY CHENG KAH WENG. Hot Hot Hot. And seriously, Wong Hei's acting skills is to die for. HOMG. So real and (yes! i finally found the correct time and place to use this word which Tengku loves.) MEYAYATKAN HATI. Wong Hei's story in this drama is MEYAYATKAN HATI, not the movie Puteri Gunung Ledang or the sajak. Lol. I watched till Im sleepy. I slept from 11.30 to 1.30. 2 hours only but it was one of the best sleeps I've had. Seriously. Dreamless. That's what I want. I woke up when it was my turn for Piano. I ate my lunch at around 4. Lol.

Mummy and I went Jusco to send my damned phone for repair. Then went grocery shopping. Haha. We bought loads of stuff. I saw PeiQi's brother. But he pretended he didn't see me. Fine. Lol. Came home and slept. Again. Add Maths tuition. PeiQi and Nyit Yi made me laugh my intestines out BEFORE the class even started. Lol. PeiQi's damn lame lor. Haha.

GOSSIP GIRL! The whole movie is VERY dramatic and full of conflicts. Everyone's mean and evil but sad. Chuck and his relationship with his daddy, (NATE DIDNT EVEN FREAKIN APPEAR AND SHOW ME HIS HOTNESS. HMPH!), Dan and his sad writing career, Blair and her friendship with Serena, Serena and her self-conflict bout her friendship with Blair, Jenny and the conflict between school or her dream. WTH RIGHT? Lol. I wonder why my life's so plain and boring? Maybe FIRST, coz Im fugly. SECOND, coz I have no dream. THIRD, coz Im dumb. Yay me!

Holidays ending yet my HOLIDAY HOMEWORK still remains untouched. SIGH.

And. I love my restaurant in Restaurant City now. <3


Okay. Im out. School again tomorrow.

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