It's like a Chicken Burger without the chicken.
Saturday, July 25, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Yeah. So. Im back from AMC's canteen day. Crowded. Hot. That pretty sums it up. Lols.

AND PEIQI'S GOT A FREAKIN BLOG. Clickie! I know. Its so funnehh.

Going Sim's party later. So long never talk to her already. NO WAIT. I just talked to her just now at AMC. lollies.

Then going MVS. Hmmm.

Im stuck at Accounts. i cant find the total for Kunci Kira-kira. Im doomed. BAHH.

I'll update later. Again. ;) toodles.

As I said, life without you is like Fish and Chips without the Chips.

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