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So.. Went for Sim's Pool Party at 5 something when i intended to go at 4. =.= i have a way to be always late. lollies. Everyone was in the pool. except for Shu Qi, Su and me. lols. We were lazy to bathe after that. I bathed like 3 times that day already. Before going to AMC. After. And Before going to Sim's place. haha. So. Loitered around for awhile. At 6. They finally came outta the pool. But. That was when PeiQi and Nyit Yi arrived. and Nyit Yi even wore her bikini. SO FUNNY. I told her beforehand that they're gonna stop playing in the pool at 6 so she'd have to come earlier. lolllll. We went upstairs and i plopped on the sofa and switched on the wall fan. And the air cond. They said i was acting like its my house. HMPH. CANNOT IS IT. They who swam were freezing. :) We camwhored awhile. Then Sim switched on Big Momma. LOL. Food started coming outta the kitchen. WHEEE. I was hungry coz i didnt really eat anything at AMC remember? So yeah. after awhile they changed movie. Money No Enough. I love that movie. Its so funny and sad. Ate ate ate. Then send Su home. and played with the lift and laughed like crap. it was funnn. ;) came back up and eat eat eat. Quickly sang birthday song to Sim. Hugged her and went downstairs with Kai and Jojo. When Sandra came, we left for MVS. =)

Reached there kinda late. But they started even later. Bullshard. Never mind. Its their event. let me not curse. We reached there and cant find Kai. I saw Him looking. Eeyuck. Anyways. Found Kai and FOUND THE FREAKIN WHOLE GANG MOVED HERE. AT OUR ROW. Sandra was happy. Not me though. hah. We asked someone to save us the seats and went toilet. So So. We came back and the Emcee: Baki Zainal spoke from behind the curtains. Joses gave his speech. Then the band played for the 1st time. I forgot what songs lah. It was so awesome. Compared to our school's. They played one song which our school band played too but how come one sounds like heaven and the other one horrible? HMM. Then Emcee appeared and talk talk talk nonsense. then some malay female artist(Zenny Lyn) sang Gemilang. So obvious that she's trying to imitate Jacklyn Victor lor. Kemunciakkk. Yuck. Then gave away some Digi goody bags. The band played again. Then Ben(HE'S THE CUTE ONE!), Azizi(short but qute yeng lah) and aChap(weird fella, i know. weird name too.) sang some supposingly popular malay songs and I'm Yours. They were actually quite cute. On the tickets, they look horrible. lol. WITH THE FAT LADY(Zenny Lyn). Ugh. She Spoiled the songs. OH YEAA. BEFORE THIS, JEREMY GOH, NATIONAL LEO CHAMPION 2009 SANG "I PLEDGE". No bad lahh. IT WAS OVERALL DAMN HILARIOUS LAH. The Emcee can speak Chinese as well. We concluded that he was cute. ;) Then at the end, Emcee started asking who wanna pledge. lol. simply simply they got thousand over already. He said if got over RM300 then the band will play for the 3rd time because they were supposed to play twice only. So the band played again. This time they were standing. So i can finally see his face. If not before this, he was blocked by the conductor's board thing. LOL. I KNOW, DAMN SAD. Never mind. at least now can see ady. since he's so damn tall. ;) and Joses got lots of fans eh. Kept screaming his name. LOL. Bullshard. so it ended. With a happy me. we waited outside for awhile then Mum came. Some band members came out but too bad he didnt. He was busy taking group pictures on stage with the other members. SIGH.

I came home dead tired. and went to sleep at 12. I didnt even get to do any essays. When i needa pass up both tomorrow. 1 Bm 1 in English. I'll do later lah. OH SHOOT. Later got Bm tuition. DAMMIT. Ugh. Tak Pa. lah. Now my phone no battery. Tsk. Have to use my old phone.

And this is one of the few times I blog properly bout the events. Very detailed huh? :) My sis said, I keep talking nonsense bout Kim Bum and Everyone. Bahh. Kim Bum is no nonsense. he's like the cutest person alive. WHEEPS.

Nah. Here's some pictures. I'll get the rest of the pictures from Kai later. =))

Su. Me. Shu Qi.
Pei Qi. Me.

Marcus something bowing at the end of the show. He's the conductor.
aChap. Marcus. Baki. Jeremy Goh. Zenny Lyn. BEN! Azizi.
=)He's the drum major. Thats why his uniform is in a darker shade of brown. =)
Tickets. Sis bought and then didnt wanna go. SO.

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