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NIGHTINGALE WON THE MARCHING! amazing right? we were so cute with all the stuffs we wore. the tabik is freakin awesome. LOL. so happy. even happier when Victoria got last for marching. WOOTS.

Pandu got 3rd only for marching. apparently St. John's formation was very nice. i didnt see.

but NIGHTINGALE APPARENTLY GOT LAST OVERALL. but i think they haven add in the f4 and f5 running AND the marching marks. anyway, WE STILL WON MARCHING. AND LOST OVERALL WITH PRIDE. HAH. SEE. WE DID IT! =)))

class running got 3rd though. i don blame anyone because that STUPIG field was freako muddy. and EVERYONE ALMOST TRIPPED. all our 3 class runners, one fell, one almost tripped, one stumbled. only I was okay. but i WAS SO SLOW. gahhh. cannot catch up pun. shiattt. but everyone tripped still can get 3rd, im happy. =)

at last, we were cheering like crap because since we last ady, must more semangat right? Eunice and her pom poms. i was jumping and cheering everytime we won something. we went up to get the rest of the medals from staffroom. then we heard, larian 4x100m antara kelas tingkatan 4. tempat ketiga: 4s1. OH SHIT. then ran down. and squezzed thru the crowd. went in front. and we were on time. hahaha. stupid lahh. so weird. and the fries was nice. i FORGOT TO PAY FOR THE FRIES. one buck. lol. sorry Chui. i saw the nuggets. took. and bite. and said, i don have money with me. HuiNi just said, aiya, i belanja you ppl lahh. lol! our fries and nuggets were so laris. Jing just walked out of the place where they fried them, then sold off within seconds. she walked in again to refill the tupperware. haha. I SAW STACKS OF MONEYYYY.

anyway, at least i got a medal. lol. WANTED TO BEAT S2. BUT IN VAIN. gerammm. and that Ceazaan was eating the WHOLE FREAKIN DAY. -.-"

and this past week was hectic lo. everyday marching. tuition. marching. tuition. no time to sleep also. sighs..

and oh my. im so thankful, not everyone LOVES Kim Hyun Joong. NOW, i can have him to myslef. same goes to JAY CHOU. HAHAHA. so hot so hot. i'll spam my blog next week with Kim Bum. ps: he's so CUTE! cant wait for tomoro's episode. =]

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