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exams suck so much i gonna cry. sigh. there's 4 happyfying happenings today.

1. EXAMS ENDED! 2. HOLIDAYS STARTED! 3. NO PHYSICS because we were allowed to go home at 12.30 instead of 1.50! 4. I DIDNT FAIL MY ADD MATHS and so i don have to finish the homework he gave! yet. hah.

IM SO HAPPY. you don need to know why.

i think i did worst in Physics. like, seriously. not joking or faking. sigh. and yeah, i think you've heard, English. i feel so stupid to be doing that. i might get a few wrongs because its too easy, its complicated. i don know what to think. lol.

and as promised. IM GONNA SPAM MY BLOG WITH KIM BUM BECAUSE HE'S KIM BUM! =) okay. i said KIM BUM. but tak sanggup leave KIM HYUN JUNG alone. sigh. =]

GOD.. I was doodling their names during my exams and GOSHH. i cant concentrate. damn. so freakin stupid right? but these hunks are CUTE AND HOT as well. cant wait for the next episode. i lazy to watch online. =)))

and im again so FREAKIN HAPPY that no one likes WHOEVER I LIKE! isnt that amazing? like, JAY CHOU AND KIM HYUN JUNG. lol. I HAVE THEM ALL TO MYSELF. GAHH. so blissful.


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