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lol. sorry for the last post. no time to blog. =) just to prove im still alive.

i typed the whole post out and suddenly the electricity went off for just a second and all gone. all my Boys Over Flowers episodes which i spent sooo long to load. SO. of cos i got pissed and offlined. lol. im always pissed.

anyways, i talked bout my marks. BUT. i don wanna announce my marks anymore because everyone did so well. bullshit me. =( i only like my addmaths, accounts and english marks. hmph. =(

i went for BM tuition just now. and i dunno why. i was very giddy the whole tuition. it sucked. and those AMC people sitting somewhere in front of our table are VERY annoying. they kept talking NON STOP and they don do their work. brainless pigs. and that Punjabi guy sitting indirectly next to our table is BAD. very bad. he vandalised the table. i was so pissed at the AMC pigs then he went and made me even more pissed. so pissed that i didnt have the mood to talk to anyone. he just stare off into nowhere and don do his work. pity the teacher larr. after tuition mum brought me to eat KFC. shit. all the fats.

EARTH HOUR. half failed it. because.. well. aunt said, nevermind lah. just on everything. only one house on lights no one will realise one. lol. so i went and on my room's lights, fans and even the air cond. SO SORRY JOEVY. but sis barged in and said, off the light lah. earth hour ah. so aunt repeated the same thing she said to me. sis: *laughs* god. if everyone thinks this way, our earth die larr. hahaha. TRUE. so she off the light and everything. my fan is cool. when you off it, the light on it will light up. i was reading, so i put my book up to it so i can read. BUT the stupid light started blinking. so cant read. realised the living hall's lights outside my room was still on. so quickly ran outside and read. aunt just selamba-ly on the Tivo and kena scolding from sis. hahaha. sis off the lights here too. bugger. the realised the toilet in mum's room was bright. hahaha. they were washing up. and the toilet is spaceous. so went and sat in there. HAHAHA. sis followed me in and started msging. bro was like, THIS IS SO WEIRD. ME AND MUM NORMAL LAH. BUT YOU*points at sis* MSGING WHILE HOLDING A BOTTLE OF CHLOROPHYLL DRINK. AND YOU*which means me* READING IN A TOILET. hahahaha. awesome right? so i ended up sitting at the sofa in the living hall outside. listening to music on my phone using my head phones of cos. while using the light of my phone to shine on my book. HAHA. and continued reading till i realised the CCTV' TV in my parents room gives out light. so went and sat beside it and read till i finished the book. LAUGH OUT LOUD. and BTW, sorry JOEVY. again. Dad switched on the Tivo at 9. haha. and aunt was watching Tivo upstairs too. big SWEAT.

so now watching BOF episode 13. WHILE watching some korean show on Tivo. multitasking. and aunt cant stand my overflowing closet. she's helping me tidy it now. haha. she said, when she opened my closet and everything fell out. she had to stuff everything in and QUICKLY close it.

dad bought an iPhone just now. but only going to get it tomorrow. CANT WAIT. =))

hmmm. too long a post already. RIGHT? so bye. gotta go watch my husbands now. =)

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